4-year-old snowboarder narrates her adorable adventure

4-year-old snowboarder

Watching a dinosaur-clad 4-year-old snowboard down a snowy mountain is cute enough, but wait until you hear what she says, or rather sings, along the way. It will be the best thing you watch all day!

4-year-old snowboarder

Sage’s dad decided to mic her up before embarking on their downhill adventure. Following behind her, we watch as she expertly navigates the powdery terrain, all the while singing a merry tune.

Her cute little voice sings about carefully making her way downhill. She wisely admits that she might fall, but that’s okay because everyone does. When she does take a spill, she is quick to get back up.

4-year-old snowboarder

As she and her dad make their way down their “secret path,” she stumbles a bit and lands face-first in the snow. She calls herself a “powder-saurus” when her dad asks what kind of dinosaur she is.

After a few seconds of trying to get back up on her own, she realizes it may be trickier than she thought. She asks for help, calling herself a “stuck-asaurus.”

4-year-old snowboarder

Sage’s fearless attitude paired with her adorable dinosaur snowsuit makes for the perfect snowboarding adventure. This little girl has big dreams and is going to go far in her life!

We can all learn a lesson from this brave 4-year-old about singing through life and picking ourselves up after we fall. After all, we all get a little “stuck-asaurus” sometimes!


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