5-minute glowy and simple makeup for mature women

This video features a resident makeup expert named Sally from Look Fabulous Forever, a makeup line designed specifically with older faces in mind. Since there isn’t always a lot of time for a complete look, Sally sets a five-minute timer.

Sally starts with primer to even out her skin and ensures the makeup lasts all day. After the primer sets, she blends foundation all over her face with a brush.

Concealer is the next step to cover up areas that may need extra attention. Sally specifically applies concealer on the corners and underneath her eyes and mentions that it works well on sunspots and age spots.

Next, she applies a highlighter to her browbones and cheekbones. This gives the illusion of a brighter and lifted face, which is especially important when it comes to mature makeup.

Since this is a simple makeup look meant to be done quickly, Sally emphasizes her eyelashes with charcoal gray shadow along the lashline and a simple coat of mascara.

To bring color and warmth to the face, Sally applies a peach cream blush to the apples of her cheeks. She follows it with a bronzer and blends the two together. She also adds a bit of bronzer on the browbone instead of a traditional eyeshadow look.

The final look is warm, glowy, and not too dramatic. This routine is perfect for women who don’t have much time in the mornings to do a full face and want to show off their makeup skills without too much effort.

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5-minute glowy and simple makeup for mature women