5-Year-Old Melts Hearts When She Sings ‘Tomorrow’ from “Annie” Musical

Who can forget Annie? Whether the play or the original newspaper comic character comes to mind, immediately we think of that spunky,  girl and her dog, Sandy. Oh, the adventures they had!

Well, you’ll be pleased and very entertained to know that the spirit of the iconic “Annie” resides in the precocious and adorable 5-year-old Claire Ryann Crosby.

When you listen to her sing and explain the words of the song you’re about to hear, you’re going to fall in love with her doting demeanor and innocence.

Her dad must be happy to have his daughter sing so enchantingly beautifully. It’s pretty obvious those two have such a strong father-daughter relationship. It’s hard to tell who loves who more. What a family!

Little Claire is already getting a lot of positive feedback from fans. “She has power and presence combined with sweetness. If you think he’s a star now, just you wait!” Another adds, “She has what it takes to be a great star: talent and a loving family.” Indeed. We hear our own thoughts echoed. She has talent and a strong family base to go far.

Now watch her video and give her your review in the comments box down below. What did you think of her performance? Share your thoughts. Enjoy!

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5-Year-Old Melts Hearts When She Sings \'Tomorrow\' from \