5-year-old tap-dancing angel STUNS with her “Shirley Temple” act, keep a close eye on her feet

When a five-year-old girl sings and taps so well you know the talent had to come from within the family! Look at those feet go!

Shirley Temple was only three years old in her first film and by the time she was Heavenly’s age in 1934 she was starring in “Bright Eyes”, specifically written for her talent.

Numerous films and merchandising deals continued into her adolescence and then her popularity dropped off and at twenty-two, she retired from show business. So whilst the comparisons to Shirley Temple are only natural you wouldn’t really wish a similar career for Heavenly.

My preference is to look at Will Smith and Jayden as a role model for her. Jayden was starring alongside dad at the age of 8 and has broadened his base to include a music career and a fashion line.

And let’s face it, Heavenly does have an influential father. Rodney Jerkins is better known as the rapper, songwriter and music producer Darkchild, responsible for 160 million albums and 4 Grammy Awards (same as Will Smith).

Hold that thought for a minute though. We are getting distracted from the actual star of the video. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter who the parents are. Do you have the talent it takes to wow an audience (and a critical line up of judges)? Well, that’s where Heavenly is a true winner. Just her interview alone was captivating, with her bubbly gleefulness and obvious passion for her singing and tap dance.

So when she gets up on the stage it was a pleasure to see her follow through with an amazing voice backed up by a reasonable tap routine. Often at this age, you cannot really tell if a child is singing, screaming or shouting at you but for Heavenly, there was a proper vocal range and control that belied her young years.

Topping this off was her stage presence both before her act with her cheeky rapport with Howard Stern, and afterward when discussing how she would distribute the $1M if she were to win the show. On Howard’s suggestion, she would make an excellent Spice Girl her response was “I don’t know what that is because I wasn’t born yet”

Viewers of Heavenly’s audition were stunned by the performance; “that moment when you realize a five-year-old girl has more talent than you have”. They were also in awe of her down to earth attitude; “I’m out. A five-year-old has her life more put together than I do…. ”, and overwhelmed by her singing voice; “Angel child. I literally cried listening to her! “

She may not want to follow in Shirley Temple’s footsteps but if you watch the video below you can see why people are making the connection: