Does 50 pounds of bunny sound like fun? What if we told you it was one bunny?

Holland is a small country and yet it produces some big rabbits, bigger than you would ever imagine possible. They aren’t as large as “Harvey,” the six foot tall rabbit from the play of the same name, but they’re pretty darn big. One breed in particular, the continental giant, truly does live up to its name.

In the video posted below, you’ll meet Darius, the biggest rabbit in the world. He’s a giant even by the standards of continental giants: four feet long and weighing in at over 50 pounds! Incidentally, his son Jeffrey is growing up fast and at the rate he’s going, he may well steal the title from his dad.

Darius and Jeffrey belong to Annette Edwards of Bromsgrove, England. Before you run out and get a giant rabbit, you might want to consider Annette’s shopping list. Each year, her two giants gnaw their way through 2,000 carrots, 700 apples, huge amounts of special rabbit food, and countless bales of hay. Just keeping them fed for a year runs a good $6,000 to $7,000. But for Annette, it’s definitely worth it. These enormous bunnies are actually quite lovable. In fact, they’re easier to handle than smaller rabbits. They aren’t as skittish — perhaps their large size makes them feel more secure — and they don’t burrow. In some respects, they’re more like dogs than rabbits. As Annette describes life with these incredible bunnies: “Darius, Jeffrey, and all my giants are all very, very friendly. I think that’s because of where we live in the country and they’re very laid-back. They’ve been handled since they were tiny and if you put a lot of time into animals, you get a nice bunny back.”

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