50-soldiers form a line, but watch as man on the far left jumps up in the air

We’ve all heard about the “Mexican wave” that phenomena where a crowd appears to be in sync with each other as they stand and raise their hands in support of their team. When done properly it is a great spectacle to watch. This in-sync-sensation is technically known as “metachronal rhythm” but to you and me, well it’s just the wave isn’t it? There is a lot of conjecture about when and where the wave originated. Most believe that it was first started by a chap called Krazy George Henderson who perfected the wave at a national hockey league” game in the early 80’s. But the first video record of a wave was captured at a “major league baseball” game in Oakland on the 15th of October 1981.

Krazy George stated that he believed that the wave was originally inspired by accident when he was leading the cheers at a “national hockey league” game at the “northlands coliseum” in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His idea was to have one side of the arena jump and cheer, then for the other side of the arena to respond. Then one night in the early 80’s one side was a bit delayed in their response making them a few seconds later that the previous section. This mistake literally created the wave which has been used ever since.

The thing that is most popular about the wave is that it is not only a great sight to watch, as it literally travels around the stadium at its leisure, but that the audience participate in this visual phenomena, and become part of the spectacle themselves. Audience participation, the secret of any great event working or failing. In the video below, you will witness how this type of synchronism performance can be taken to the next level.

We all know the importance of precision work in the armed forces. That part of the training that is vitally important if a group of soldiers are to work and rely on each other in the most stressful of situations. We don’t associate dance moves with the military, but in some cases this can also be a very important part of a soldiers training. Just the dedication and determination of completing their duties can make or break the potential young military man.

You may be familiar with the “Edinburgh Military Tattoo”, where military bands perform in front of an international television audience and show off their unique talents. This particular outing is for invited acts only, and has not yet witnessed the synchronicity of the “Royal Thai Navy”. The group of sailors in this clip will leave you breathless as they perform their own very unique style of synchronized-movements. Click on the link below and just watch in amazement at the timing of the very special guard-of-honor.