62-year-old is smoking hot after dramatic makeover

62-year-old LaDawn from Dallas was more than ready to change up her look. The Makeover Guy makes her look at least 20 years younger with some makeup and hair color.

Christoper Hopkins is a makeover genius. It’s obvious to see from his reputation that he knows what he’s doing, and he makes it a policy to help men and women over 45 looks and feel like superstars.

Getting in to see him is difficult, as he takes appointments a year in advance. However, if you can get in to see him, the results are always worth the wait.

That’s what happened with LaDawn, 62, from Dallas. She booked an appointment and headed up to Minneapolis to get a makeover from Christoper. When she appears for her ‘before’ interview, she wears a baggy blouse, a neat but lackluster bob, and dark circles under her eyes.

When he’s done with her, her hair has been dyed and lifted. Now a brilliant red color, she has bangs again – something she is amazed by. Her makeup is applied flawlessly, giving her the appearance of a much younger woman.

She looks at least 20 years younger, and that’s not an exaggeration. She says she’s delighted, and she’s more confident in herself already. We’re sure she turned heads at her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

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62-year-old is smoking hot after dramatic makeover