7 women line up on stage and make the crowd roar with their unique routine!

What has been the most exciting dance performance you have ever seen? I have seen quite a few. I remember one of them at one of those talent shows. They were a group of guys who were dressed in long, dark clothes. All of them had dark masks and some of them had hats. Their attire looked a bit off, but it made more sense when the lights were turned off.

They started dancing and it turned out that their suits were outfitted with LEDs. The LEDs lit up at the beat of the music. They were on the gloves of the dancers, too. It was an impressive performance and after they finished, they got a standing ovation and got to go to the next round. Everybody was shocked at how good they danced and how original their act had been.

But how can you know a performance is great? What is it about it that makes you go back and want more? A superior performance encompasses much more than just singing or dancing. It is a combination of several ingredients like the music for example. If they are dancing, a song with a great beat or a remix will certainly get the crowd going.

Another thing is the wardrobe. I know many people will say that a good wardrobe does not guarantee anything, and they are half right, I guess. But a good wardrobe will certainly add up to the expectation. This is kind of what happened with the dancers who were dressed in black and had LEDs. No one expected them to be so good, but the way the lights danced along with them is what stole the show.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that they had assembled a very cool choreography, but if you ask some of the people who have watched that video, they’ll say that it’s all about the wardrobe. Well, the following video has a group of dancers who manage to incorporate that ingredient but in a very fun way. Seven women take the stage wearing some very disorienting outfits.

When the audience tries to find out what they’re wearing, they can’t make out if they are wearing a pair of tights that are two assorted colors, or if it’s a one-piece suit. They have managed to get the first important aspect down, captivate the audience. People in the audience start to whisper, trying to see if the person next to them has any idea of what it is. No one seems to know, but then everything gets even better when the girls start dancing. And it’s like nothing you have ever seen!