8 Baby Flying-Foxes Cuddled Up On A Giant Teddy Bear Is What You Need Today

Bat rescuer Megabattie shows off the 8 sweet baby fly-foxes that she is currently hand-raising. Because they feel calm around a teddy bear, this giant bear is babysitting.

In November of 2019, Megabattie had a nursery full of baby bats to raise. There were 8 in total, and she shows them off, each with its own little blanket and pacifier. IN order to keep them calm she always has a teddy bear for them to cling to. In this case, it is a giant teddy named Fozzydyke.

Flying foxes are a type of bat which has a large heart and a large brain. Some liken their intelligence to that of dogs. No wonder they need a lot of care growing up. These babies are lucky to have someone as caring as their foster mom to raise them until they can resume their batty existence.