8 puppies visit a pool for the first time, they immediately have owner dashing for the camera

WARNING – WARNING, this clip is going to leave you with the biggest smile on your face that you would have had in days. We have all seen cute-as-can-be-puppy videos on YouTube before. You know, the ones where the cute-as-a-button little puppy plays with the baby, or the dashing-dachshund with the lion as a best friend, but I tell you, this clip is one of the cutes puppy videos I have ever seen.

Retrievers are well known for their love of water, after all they were bred as gun dogs whose job it was to retrieve waterfowl from the lake and rivers where they were hunted. But have you ever thought of what it must be like for these dogs the first time they see water? The clip below shows 8-adorable “English Cream Golden Retrievers” being introduced to a swimming pool for the very first time. The venue is “Rummy’s Beach Club” and these beautiful puppies are not quite sure what all the fuss is about.

The riotous-retrievers’ mom, Tiffany Emig, decided to record all the fun for the world to see fortunately for us, and what she captured is just so adorable. You can hear her encouraging the little puppies to jump right-on-in. Tiffany says that “It’s important to encourage the pups and speaking in a higher tone does that for them. Well let me tell you, Tiffany’s calls are certainly working as the first of the pups make a huge slash into the water.

These daredevil-dogs slowly but surely take to the water like………retrievers-to-a-pond………. and are having the time of their lives. One-by-one they all get brave enough to try out their swimming skills, all the time with Tiffany and her helpers cheering them along. At one stage they are all in the water together, just frolicking around enjoying their new found freedom, it seems like one big adventure for these cute-as-can-be-canines, and they are all looking like they are having a ball.

Once all the fun is over and the swimming is done, there is only one thing left to do, have a big shake to dry off, then I’m thinking it will be time for a little nap where they can all dream about their aquatic-adventures. Click on the link below, and just sit back and enjoy what I guarantee will be the highlight of your day. But be careful, after watching this clip, you may find yourself tempted to head down to the nearest pet shop and see if you can’t find yourself one of the most adorable little creatures………..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.