8 TV Homes That We All Wanted to Live In When We Were Kids!

When you’re young, TV shows can have a big impact on you. We felt like we had been invited into their homes for a half hour! If only we’d had the chance to look around for just an afternoon.

The Petrie’s New Rochelle Retreat

Rob and Laura’s house on The Dick Van Dyke Show was so modern and comfortable, yet surprisingly elegant. The real wonder of this TV home was the kitchen: it had all the modern conveniences, not to mention space-age-inspired table and chairs.

The Ricardo’s Quirky Apartment kitchen had all the details of a 1950s home that we love today: lots of light, a gorgeous stove, colorful Pyrex bowls, and green-topped spice bottles.

The Stone Family’s Perfectly Balanced Household was a mix of traditional and modern. The warm family atmosphere was tempered by sleek lamps and modern art.

The Stephens’ Eclectic Home

From the classical works of art to the shag carpeting to the bright yellow and green kitchen, this set was decorated beautifully.

The Cleaver Family’s Suburban Den possessed elements of Western decor and furniture in the plaid curtains, kerosene style lamps, and country-inspired furniture.

The Funky Apartment of Laverne & Shirley had brass lamps, mismatched furniture, and Hawaiian lei’s strewn about.

The Munster Mansion

The Munsters set was one of the most interesting homes on TV at the time. One thing does make us wonder: how come Lily has to cook like it’s the 18th century while Grandpa’s lab is fully electric?

The Modern Brady Bunch House, which for those who love the utterly 70s feel in every detail it is an ideal home.

Which of these houses from TV shows that you watched as a kid would you want to explore the most? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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