80-year-old shares beauty hacks that will work wonders

An 80-year-old transforms her appearance and shares her favorite makeup and skincare products during this incredible tutorial.

Christopher Hopkins invited his 80-year-old mother Joanne to show viewers how she achieves her youthful appearance with her daily makeup routine.

Joanne walks you through her entire routine, starting with a fresh, clean face and ending with her ready to walk out the door.

During the tutorial, she shows her favorite tips and tricks for concealing fine lines and wrinkles, blending colors, and looking decades younger.

It is incredible to watch the years fall away as she applies her favorite makeup products. When she is finished, nobody would mistake her for 80 years old.

Although the tutorial is gorgeous, perhaps most beautiful of all is the sweet exchanges between Christopher and his mother at the end of her routine.

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80-year-old shares beauty hacks that will work wonders