86-Yr-Old Gymnast Will Stun You With Her Moves! I Can’t Believe My Eyes! Amazing!

This amazing video was Johanna Quass’ gold medal-winning parallel bars routine for the category of female 70 years and older at the 2012 International Senior Gala in Markkleeberg, Germany. Gold medal to the host nation Germany!

At 86 years of age, Johanna Quass, an 11-time German Senior Champion in artistic gymnastics, was the oldest active gymnast in the world! She won said female parallel bars gold medal that day over gymnasts more than 15 years her younger. In addition to the parallel bars, Johanna participated admirably in three other events: horizontal bars, gymnastic bench, and floor routine.

Johanna’s parallel bars routine was an almost miraculous performance for a senior citizen. She not only lifted herself over the parallel bars, she spun around vertically and rested upside down on her shoulders! Then she executed her most difficult move, the push-up support, and held the position with her legs kicked straight back for five seconds that drew the most enthusiastic cheers and support!

What’s more? Johanna topped it off with a flying dismount! She performed age-defying moves on the day that could only be matched by the most in-shape young men. This is breathtaking stuff!

This video is highly recommended for all young and middle-aged persons – it will definitely lessen their fear of old age. On the other hand, this video may not be a good choice for senior citizens because it is sure to make them pink with envy!