9-Year-Old Wows With 1959 Classic, Her Huge Voice Knocks Everyone Out

Angelic Angelina Jordan is only nine years old, but we promise you that this little girl has one of the most mind-blowing voices you will ever hear.

If you’re wondering, why the old song?…her website says that Angelina discovered the YouTube site when she was just an 18-month-old baby.

Incredibly, she was just a toddler when she used to wow all those who knew her by singing along to the incredible Whitney Houston. Could there be a better or more powerful female vocalist to learn from?

Very soon this little singer was listening to the likes of Billie Holiday and other jazz musicians. No wonder her voice has so much old soul in it. You can feel its power from the tips of your toes all the up your spine. That girl is going places, I tell you.

Her parents recognized her talent very early on, and so they did not hesitate to encourage her to audition for “Norway’s Got Talent.” She went on to steal and ultimately win the show at just eight years of age before her incredible performance in this video you’re about to watch.

She has sung all over the world since then. Unsurprisingly she is in constant demand, but somehow we are inclined to guess that she doesn’t mind all the singing one little bit.

You might have heard some of her songs before as well. The video below features Angelina’s rendition of Dinah Washington’s “What a Difference a Day Makes” as performed on TV. Now watch her breathtaking performance below.

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9-Year-Old Wows With 1959 Classic, Her Huge Voice Knocks Everyone Out