A Big Howdy From The Clydesdale Horse Ranch

Jim and Meredith Vajda moved from Washington to Buchanan, Tennessee to create Lodestar Farm, home to the special breed of Clydesdale horses.

When Jim and Meredith Vajda first saw a black Clydesdale horse, they were absolutely smitten with how elegant and beautiful it was, despite its very big size. Getting to know the breed better, they realized that the Clydesdales are really “gentle giants” that are eager to please those who take care of them and interact with them.

Seeing how sweet, tranquil, and cooperative these elegant, powerful creatures are, Jim and Meredith chose to move from Washington to Buchanan, Tennessee, where they founded the Lodestar farm.

The Lodestar farm became dedicated to raising and training Clydesdales. They were once only thought of as mere workhorses, but the Vajdas raise them to actualize their full potential as worthy companions and riding buddies.

All activities in Lodestar farm aim to show the public what wonderful, sweet companions the Clydesdales can make, especially when it comes to children. The Vajdas’ three daughters have already experienced riders, setting the example for youth in the area where Lodestar farm is.

Every week, the farm holds events that encourage children and adults alike to interact and get reacquainted with this rare breed: they offer riding lessons, boarding for horses, and training of horses alongside the raising and breeding of more Clydesdales.

Lodestar farm is a haven for horses, adults, and children alike, reconnecting families with nature in the unique and intimate manner that is to bond and play with a giant, beautiful, gentle horse.

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A Big Howdy From The Clydesdale Horse Ranch