A capella group ‘Home Free’ puts ‘Top Gun’ spin on latest song

Home Free

‘Home Free’ is a country a capella group featuring five male voices. The harmonies they create are fantastic, and the band understands what appeals to their fans. They represent the a capella genre with excellence.

Home Free

‘Home Free’ won ‘The Sing-Off’ on NBC in 2013, which earned them a recording contract with Sony. They are one of the premier vocal groups in music, and their blend and harmonies always impress.

For their hit song ‘Understand,’ the five singers wear Army flight pilot suits and walk out on a runway with planes. They perform the music while standing in different spots like the hangar and the runway.

When the song’s chorus hits, the group is together in front of multiple planes sporting cool sunglasses. They sing the hook, “There’s a lotta things I can’t figure out, like how a 737 gets off the ground. When a prayer goes up, and the answer comes down. What you’re doing with me right here, right now.

Home Free sings, “Why am I such a lucky man? Head on my shoulder, hand in my hand. It’ll always be a mystery. Yeah, there’s just some things I don’t need to understand.”

Home Free

The group, comprised of talented vocalists Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance, typically performs over 200 shows yearly in the United States.

After their first major label album, ‘Crazy Life’ in 2014, they’ve continued to land hit after hit. Their unique sound and country roots make ‘Home Free’ a welcome change to the usual pop music scene.

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A capella group ‘Home Free’ puts  ‘Top Gun’ spin on latest song