A Cockatiel hears dad tapping on the drum. He responded in a hilarious way!

When selecting an animal friend and welcoming him or her to your family, what kind of friend do you favor? I mean, I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person, but I got a cat recently thanks to my son, and I have to say I am deeply impressed. Cats are very different from dogs, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. One thing that I first noticed about cats, is that they do not really need to be potty-trained.

For everyone who has not had a cat before, this becomes a very convenient thing. The only thing your kitten needs is his sandbox and he’s pretty much good to go. There are other things to note, like the fact that they are hunting most of the time. So, you may not find your cat for a while, especially if you have a large yard. Then, you will find him or her hanging out by a tree or sleeping.

I have also had birds. My mother got a few birds from one of the neighbors back in the day I was a child. They were a couple of parrots that she had inside the house. They were very funny in the sense that they learned a lot of words and they did very fast. They would sometimes surprise us by saying things when we least expected it. Nevertheless, they were very fun to be around.

One of the things we noticed, was that they loved music. My mother would enjoy doing her housework with music in the background. The parrots would sometimes whistle some of the tunes or even sing along if they knew the lyrics. My mother ended up getting two more parrots and it got really noisy at home. My mother kept the four of them until one of them got sick and passed away.

Nevertheless, the other parrots lived many more years… Maybe my mother still has one… I recently watched a video that convinced me that my mother’s parrots were not the only ones that loved music. The Cockatiel in the following video is going to show everyone just how musical he can be. His name is Mr. Iko and he lives with a Japanese family.

His dad gets him a little drum because he figures Mr. Iko will love playing it. So, he gets a little drumstick and starts playing the drum. Mr. Iko is walking by when he hears the rhythm and is clearly intrigued by the noise. He gets closer while the man continues playing the drum. Then, he does something that doesn’t only catch the man by surprise, but the entire Internet as well!