A dad almost faints while clearing a pile of leaves with a blower!

Fall is a season that brings a little bit of nostalgy with it. It is a season that implies renewal. Out with the old and in with the new. It reminds some people of their loved ones or even family members who are not with us anymore. One of the things that it also reminds me of is all the cleaning that I will have to be doing during the next weeks.

My house is surrounded by a lot of trees, so the amount of leaves that I end up cleaning is monumental. I used to be one of those guys that wanted to take on this task with only a rake. I mean, a rake is okay I guess, at least for most tasks. But if you happen to have a large yard in your home, you will need something with a little bit more juice.

One of my friends got a leaf blower and from the first minute I saw it, I realized it was the answer to my prayers. It allows you to move substantial amounts of leaf piles and you can do it effortlessly. I am not saying that there’s something wrong with raking. In fact, I think you’ll still have many places in your yard where you’ll need to use a rake. But it gets the job done much faster.

He lent it to me one day, so I could try it out and decide if I wanted to get one. I agreed and found out that it was actually very easy to use. I managed to finish my cleaning little project quite fast, and after putting all the leaves in a bunch of garbage bags, I was ready to go. I got my own leaf blower and I have even taught my son how to use it.

He loves helping us around the house and loves to do many things that I didn’t really enjoy when I was his age. Anyway, I decided to get him his gear for helping around, including a pair of boots and even one of those utility belts that kids can use. He’s very thankful for it and there have been times that he has even worn it inside the house.

Well, the man in the following video knows that ‘leaf-cleaning’ season has arrived. He chose a day where the weather is just right for cleaning the leaves. He decided to start with a large pile of leaves that sits under a few of the trees on his property. Little did he know that his children had prepared a surprise for him that almost made him faint. Do you think you know what it might be?