A dad asks his Boxer, ‘Are you a dog, or are you a baby?’ Watch the pup’s response!

I have a Labrador and he’s the youngest member of the family. He came into our lives just one year ago. We found him wandering the streets while he was still a puppy. I’ve had this project of mine for many years of starting a dog shelter where I could rescue some of the pups that are abandoned or find themselves wandering the streets after being born.

I got together with some neighbors who were also concerned with all the pups that we had seen in our neighborhood in the last few weeks. We went to see what kind of support we could get, so we could help them out and find them suitable homes. Most of them were puppies but we did get a few pooches who were in their senior years.

We were able to rent a piece of land nearby at a very convenient price. The landlord was sympathetic to our cause and decided to give us a couple of months for free, so we could get started. There has been a lot of work involved but fortunately, we have been getting a lot of support from the community in the form of volunteer work.

I had the chance to rescue a Boxer from a nearby neighborhood. I had always been curious about this breed, and decided to do a little research on them. I found out that the reason for their name was because they are the only dogs who do actually box. One of my cousins had one and she was the queen of the family. She had a couple of litters of about 3 or 4 dogs each.

Everyone loved the puppies and the mother. She went on to live 16 years and had a very happy life. Boxers have earned my respect for several reasons but the feature that I like the most about them is that they are such big babies. They love to be hugged and given little kisses. They are very affectionate, especially with children and babies around the house.

I had the chance of confirming this when I watched the following video. A dad is sitting on a chair with his favorite baby of the family. He’s asking his Boxer whether he is a Boxer or a baby. The ‘baby’ of the family goes back at him with the cutest response he could ever wish for. So, get ready for your daily dose of cuteness in the form of the Internet’s biggest baby!