A day in the life of caring for baby quintuplets

The Scott family is outnumbered by babies. Mom and dad Jamie and Skyler have two older boys, Shayden and Landon, and quintuplet babies – Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan, and Lincoln.

This video depicts a day in the life of a family with five babies to care for. The big brothers are a big help. They snuggle babies and help with feeding time.

Family and church friends are constantly coming in and out of the house. They take shifts washing bottles, feeding, and holding babies when they get fussy so Skyler and Jamie can get a little sleep.

The Scott’s refrigerator is filled with milk bottles. Jamie admits that they go through thirty bottles and diapers every day. If the babies are in the middle of a growth spurt, it can be even more!

They don’t bathe the babies every day, but sometimes they get extra baths if they build up neck cheese. Skyler swaddles little Logan and gives him a soothing spa bath in the sink.

After all the babies have been fed, there’s an hour and a half that Skyler calls “happy hour.” This is when all the babies are content and sleepy.

Life with quintuplets is nonstop. Jamie and Skyler have moments of sheer exhaustion and, no doubt, sleep deprivation. But they are so blessed with their bundles of joy and wouldn’t trade that for the world!

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A day in the life of caring for baby quintuplets