A dog had been living in a dump full of trash and rotting livestock, until he came along!

I’ve worked with rescued dogs all my life and in all that time, I’ve seen similarities in how dogs respond to treatment and care. There are many dogs that are rescued that have never had a loving home to call their own. They were born on the street. For these pups, life has been especially hard. I know that most people are compassionate with them and will give them food or help them in some other way, but not all people think that way.

Throughout the course of my life, I have met people who fear dogs for no apparent reason. I can understand fear when they’ve had an unfortunate incident in the past which triggered some sort of phobia, but there are others who have never had a sad experience but are still afraid of them. I had a neighbor who used to be terrified of dogs when he was growing up.

I asked him one day, what it was about dogs that made him so afraid. “They just look very intimidating to me,” he said. “When they get close to me, I feel they do it because they are going to bite.” Fortunately, this was something he grew out of as he became older, he even has a dog right now. Nevertheless, it was a very complicated time in his life.

One video that was really shocking to me was one that I recently saw. It involved a rescue group who got a call from some people that had seen a wild dog. Before this story, I had never heard of another similar one, especially not involving a wild dog. The only wild dog that I had seen, was the type of one you see on NatGeo documentaries.

Well, this video was not one of them, but it was close. A dog was living in what looked like a dumpster. He had one of the most serious skin infection problems I have seen in a long time. When rescuers tried to get him, he would bite the rope that the rescuers were trying to use to get him to their van. Then, one of the rescuers got an idea that would work wonders for them. The dog gets rescued and it leads to a shocking transformation. It takes them many weeks, a lot of medication, and tons of TLC but they managed to do the impossible. Check it out!