A funny mystery unravels. Can this horse provide answers?

A hilarious mystery unravels. Can this horse provide answers?

Out on a farm, they have been growing grapes for many years, but this year is a different story. It is usually plentiful and they rarely have any problems with it. The harvest isn’t what they expected.

Standing under the grapevines a farmer is checking out what could be wrong. It is a bright and sunny day, and he is accompanied by his horse friend Woody.

Woody was rescued along with his mother from a meat factory when he was only a few weeks old. Now he is a big and healthy horse. He is wearing some sort of protective mask on his face.

A hilarious mystery unravels. Can this horse provide answers?

The farmer talks about how they have been watering the grapes and pruning them, so he can’t be quite sure what is wrong. There is a mystery to unravel on their farm.

Meanwhile, as the farmer wonders what could have gone wrong, Woody is happily feasting on the grapes that hang above them. He seems to be the culprit, but the farmer doesn’t take notice.

As Woody continues to eat the farmer turns and asks Woody if he knows anything about the grapes disappearing. The horse doesn’t stop eating, clearly, the farmer knew the entire time it was him.

He seemed in good spirits despite Woody taking a lot of the grapes they were trying to harvest. At least they found their cute culprit.

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