A horse refuses to leave his injured mother – Rescuers had better act fast!

I’ve seen many awesome animal rescues. Some of them don’t involve dogs and cats. The first one I saw was one involving a baby seal. A group of young campers decided to go for a day at the beach. The weather was perfect and since many of them would not be working over the weekend, they figured it would be the best time to go.

They left early knowing they would have a blast. They got to the beach at around 8 o’clock in the morning. They set up camp as soon as they arrived because they wanted to have the rest of the day to enjoy the weather and possibly get something to eat in the area. They had finished by 9 o’clock in the morning and some of them left the area to get some food.

They had walked for only a little while when they heard some noises that caught their attention. They approached the area where they had heard all the noise and they saw something that made them stop. A baby seal was near the beach. She was probably looking for her mother. They looked for her mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

They figured that it would be best for them to get her to the beach and they did. After they put her into the water the baby seal even took the time to thank each one of them in a very special way. Another rescue that I saw involved three horses. It had been snowing for the past three days and the horses were trying to cross one of the streets.

Everything was covered in snow and they failed to see a patch of ice that concealed a large hole with icy water. The horses fell into the icy waters and could not get out. The hole was deep, too. The water level was up to the horses’ necks. Some people from the area gathered and they called the fire department to assist them. The fire department got there fast, and they started to think of a way to get them out.

The obvious way was with a rope around the horses’ necks. They did that one by one, and it took about three tries with the firemen and volunteers pulling until each one of the three horses was taken out there safe and sound. People from the area brought the volunteers some blankets, so they could put on the horses to help them get warm.

The following video also involves a horse getting rescued. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA for short) got a call for a horse in distress. When they got to the site, they saw a mother horse lying on the ground with her baby foal next to her. The foal knew his mother needed help and he wasn’t leaving her side. Will the rescuers save her on time?