A man films his wife waterboarding behind him. But then, a group of dolphins steals the show!

Summertime brings the opportunity to hit the pool and if you’re lucky enough, to hit the ocean. If you happen to live near the beach, then you are that much more fortunate. People who live near the beach get to do the most exciting things. There are people who are not that big on water sports but there are those who are. Whatever your favorite sport is, there is always something for everyone.

A crowd favorite has always been jet-skiing. Since the sport was introduced, the number of followers has been increasing. It started to gain more followers once it appeared in a few movies. Then, people started renting them each time they went on vacation and before you knew it, they were buying their own. It has not gained enough popularity to make it an Olympic sport yet, but I believe it will get there someday.

Another crowd favorite is called knee boarding. In this sport, the competitors are riding on a board with their knees directly on it. They can do all sorts of flips and glides while they hold on to a speeding boat through a rope. This sport is not only fun for the awesome tricks some people are able to pull off, but for the funny wipeouts as well.

For other people who don’t like to get wet that much, they can also relax at the beach. Many experts in the handling of stress will tell you that the sound of the breeze and the ocean waves is the best remedy for stress. I was watching a documentary the other day about the health system in Europe and some doctors in France actually recommend that people who are very stressed or even sick, spend some days on the beach.

Every time I come back from the beach, I come back refreshed. It is as if I was a cell phone and someone had left me charging for the day. I feel fantastic, I am more optimistic and am also more productive at work. At least, that’s what my boss tells me. And if the sun is too much for you while you’re relaxing, you can always go into the water.

Anyway you wish to enjoy yourself, I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time. And maybe you will even bring back a cool souvenir or at least a bunch of great memories. Just like the people in the following video. The video was filmed in the Sea of Cortez and the girl was enjoying some wakeboarding. When they left for the ocean they had planned to spend a fun time. But what the camera captured swimming next to her made it even more special!