A man sees a bird frozen on a pipe, so he comes up with a genius plan to rescue him!

Every day a hero is born in every part of the United States. At times, we can become heroes when we least expect it. I’ve had a few of these instances happen to me. It all started when I was about 6 years old. I was playing outside my house with my friends. Christmas had just come about 4 days before and we were still playing with our toys.

As I was about to pick up my toys I noticed a small bird who had fallen from a nest nearby. There were many tall trees there, so the bird could have fallen off any one of them. I figured that if I didn’t get him to the correct one, he would probably not have much chance. I put the bird in a safe place and I started to climb every single tree.

I had always liked climbing trees, but this would be a good test to see how good I really was. It took me several minutes to find a nest which was missing a bird. I had found several nests, but they had all been empty. I took the little bird and put him back in the nest hoping that would be enough to save his life. It turned out to be true. I checked the nests every now and then and the bird continued growing. I guess I don’t have to say how well I felt.

I have always believed that every single animal on this Earth is valuable. They deserve to be treated with just as much respect and love as any human being. This is something I learned from my father and that I would teach my children. One person who truly agrees with this is Nelson Wilson.

Wilson became an Internet hero overnight after he did something extraordinary where other people, would have probably just walked by. One day, he was walking out of his house when he saw a poor little bird who had gotten his tiny legs frozen to a pipe near a water heater. The weather had been unforgiving that year and it had been snowing for the last few days.

He knew that if he tried pulling the bird off the pipe, he would probably injure the bird’s legs. So, he came up with a brilliant plan that would be applauded all around the Internet and save the little bird’s life. What did he do? Check out the video to find out!