A tiny poodle had been kept in a basement all her life until she was rescued and sees the sunlight!

The Humane Society of the United States is responsible for changing the lives of thousands of dogs every year. There have been days that have been a lot better for them than others. If you talk to the many volunteers who work there every day, they will tell you that each day that they can rescue at least one dog or cat, is a day that was worth it.

They have some of the strictest adoption policies around. They really make an effort to try to place the dogs and cats in the best possible homes. And it’s not only a question of saying that you can care for the animal, you need to be able to prove it. They often make “before” and “after” visits to the prospect’s home to verify living conditions.

The reason for this is simple, there have been cases where a family has adopted a dog and given a living address for him or her, and then have taken the dog to a different location with different living conditions. After being adopted, they can visit the family at any time for a single follow-up visit to make sure that the living conditions remain the same.

One day, was a very important one for the Humane Society. That day, they were able to rescue 105 dogs and 20 cats. The Humane Society is used to rescuing many animals at once, but a rescue of that magnitude was still a substantial one for them, even in those terms. Among the animals they rescued, there was one whose case was particularly shocking to all the people involved.

It was the case of a small Poodle who had been found in a basement. She was deemed to be between the ages of 7 and 10 years old. Upon the first examination, there were a couple of things that caught their eye. One of them was the suspicion that she had been used for extensive breeding purposes. She had clearly lost a lot of calcium, and that showed in her teeth. She only had three of them left.

The Humane Society also found out that she had been kept locked in that basement for the entirety of her life That meant that she would be bred, but not provided enough food, water or access to the sun. When the rescuer saw her, her heart almost broke to see the conditions she had been forced to live in. She then decided to give her one of the things she had never experienced. The chance to play in broad daylight. Watch her awesome reaction!