A woman marvels the audience with her “Playground” dance and jump rope routine

I am sure there has been a moment or two in your life when you have wished you could turn back the hands of time to the moment when you were in kindergarten or elementary school. Do you remember those days? They were full of games and nothing to do but dream about what growing up would be. A lot of us would dream we would grow up to be businessmen, bankers, doctors, foremen or world travelers.

I remember spending entire afternoons playing many things outside. I would always be playing until it was very late. I gave my mother a tough time with it and she would go to get me way past curfew. I remember playing these great games of ‘hide and seek’. I would play along with about 12 other guys. We played that game at night.

The neighborhood where I grew up had a lot of bushes, trees and very nice places to hide. Sometimes you didn’t even need to try that hard for you to disappear into the tall green grass. I remember that was one of my favorite hiding places. I would wear a black t-shirt and a pair of camo cargo pants. Then, I would just lie down on the tall grass and see how the seeker would walk past me.

I would also hide in some vines that would cover one section of one of the houses. Man, I miss those times … The girls in the neighborhood would sometimes play with us, but for the most part, it would be us, boys. Girls in the neighborhood would play games with their jump ropes. Initially, their games looked very easy to us, but once we tried them, we knew they were tough.

We started holding jump rope competitions with the girls. We felt that we were at a disadvantage because they had been playing that game for years and we were just starting out. But on the other hand, we felt that because we were boys, we would win anyway. The first of these competitions we took part in we lost in an epic fashion. None of us really knew what we were doing, and the girls just breezed past us.

The woman in the following video has made me go back to that time. She is performing a combination of jump rope and dancing in front of an audience. This is unlike anything I had seen before. She’s graceful and athletic at the same time. The best of both worlds!