Abandoned Fox Cub Stuck in 5 Foot Stairwell at 1 am. Man Wakes up To Come To The Rescue.

Helping animals in need is Simon’s passion and he’s proven this with many rescues under his belt. It doesn’t matter what time of night or day it is and he proves it when he responds to a call for help at 1 am. At a time when most people are fast asleep and refuse to answer their calls, he rises up to the occasion and comes to the rescue of a scared fox baby who had fallen into a 5 foot stairwell.

The problem was that the stairwell was next to a children’s hospital and the constant whining and attention from the mama fox had kept the children awake. So even though it was so late (or early in the morning), the situation had to be rectified, and soon. You can tell from the video that the frantic mama fox was pacing up and down the vicinity, trying to find ways to rescue her trapped baby.

Simon saw where the cub was trapped, assessed the situation and got his trusty ladder out. Climbing down with his pet carrier, he kept talking to the cub n a soothing manner to gain his trust. At first the cub was panicked and tried to get away from the stranger who had climbed into the hole with him. After a while, Simon managed to calm the little one down and coaxed it to enter the pet carrier.

Climbing back up, he set the cub free that quickly ran away from Simon, but in the wrong direction. In the video you can see the mama fox keeping an eye out for her baby and it was only a matter of time before the touching mother-child reunion happened. I absolutely LOVED and appreciated the rescue efforts of Simon and the Wildlife Aid Foundation.

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