Adele feels a bite inside her boot during a concert. Check out how she turns it into comedy!

Have you seen how some celebrities start out all humble and nice, and as soon as they have made a ton of money, they’re all snobby? Fame is said to be like a magnifying glass for people’s traits, good and bad. If you’re a nice person before hitting fame, chances are you will be an even nicer one once you become famous. We have seen many examples of this, one of the most well-known was Elvis Presley.

He wasn’t only a very talented performer and a ladies’ man, he was also a generous person and very down to earth. At the peak of his career, he was one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He has a lot of success but was able to maintain a very humble attitude. It wasn’t only about the presents he would give people, he was the kind of guy who would take time off his day to talk to someone he had never met before.

The fact that he was so famous and at the same time, so close to his fans, turned him into an icon at a time when there was no social media and no other ways of connecting with their fans. There have been other celebrities that have gained a reputation for not liking too much contact with their fans. The celebrities say that it’s a question of privacy.

What do you think? Is a celebrity entitled to having his own private space or not talk about his private life if he chooses not to do it? I believe as human beings, they are entitled to choose what it is about their life that they want to share or make public. Many paparazzi and magazines have been very intrusive on celebrities, so if they get mad or seem to be short-tempered at them, there must be a good reason for it.

Other celebrities seem to have a very worry-free attitude towards every day’s events, that they don’t seem to mind if they are photographed in a precarious situation or not. Actors like Will Smith are very approachable and seem to not have changed a bit throughout the years. They are as humble now as the day they started.

Another one of these very down-to-earth artists is Adele. She has risen to stardom very fast thanks to her excellent singing voice. While her bank account is probably up to the rim with money, she is actually a very humble person who doesn’t mind laughing at herself when something goes wrong. In the following video, she is at a concert when she feels something biting at her ankle. What she does next will not only surprise you but will leave you in stitches!