Adorable Asian Elephant Cools Off With An Underwater Nap Using Trunk As Snorkel

Fort Worth, Texas, gets some scorching temperatures. I can only imagine how that feels when you are a five-ton pachyderm. Luckily, the zoo is prepared with a lovely pool for the elephants to cool off in!

Colonel, a 29-year-old Asian elephant, is one of seven Asian elephants that call the Fort Worth Zoo home. He is possibly the most adorable giant animal ever to walk the earth. On this hot day, he doesn’t do much walking and instead submerges as much of himself as possible.

While resting under the water is a sure-fire way to beat the heat, getting up for air every couple of moments is far too much work! This crafty elephant uses his trunk as a snorkel. One minute, he is laying there with only a little of his backside showing, and the next minute, his trunk pops up like the periscope of a submarine.

He stands up at one point, letting us see him in all his glory, but the sight of him using his trunk as a snorkel is just too cute. It looks like he enjoys his underwater nap time, and I can’t say that I blame him.