Adorable boston terrier puppy is eating his dinner when something incredibly funny happens

The Boston Terrier is certainly a candidate for most adorable breed of dog. It actually did originate in Boston, the product of breeding bull/terrier mixes and French bulldogs. The Boston Terrier made its official debut around 1870, although these first “roundheads” were larger than today’s version. In 1893, the American Kennel Club granted it the distinction of being the first all-American breed of dog. Curiously, they aren’t a terrier, strictly speaking, because they aren’t considered a sporting dog. The modern Boston Terrier is instantly recognizable thanks to its small and compact build, pointy ears, stubby tail, short muzzle, and adorable little underbite. In its classic form, a Boston Terrier is black with white on the belly, chest, legs, and face.

With its American origins, a coat that resembles formal wear, and delightfully pleasant personality, the Boston Terrier has definitely earned its nickname: the American gentleman. Boston Terriers have a naturally friendly disposition and are often described as having a merry temperament. Nearly all aggression has been bred out of them, but they do nevertheless have a stubborn streak. These highly intelligent dogs are always eager to please their humans, making them easy to train, the aforementioned stubborn streak notwithstanding. Boston Terriers are extremely good family pets: they get along well with people, including children and can be socialized to accept the idea of sharing a home with other animals. The American gentleman is a favorite of apartment dwellers because he’s small and very rarely barks.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see a really cute and very funny video of a Boston Terrier puppy having a minor mishap while eating his dinner. Whatever it was he was chowing down on, it was so good that this particular American gentleman forgot his table manners!

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