Adorable German Shepherd Sings Alongside Dad… How Darling!

Ah, the beautiful music that we can make together… it can be so profoundly powerful that it brings a tear to your eye. Whether it be your favorite classic song, dating back to long before you were born, or a new catchy pop song- music has been bringing people together for a long time. I’ve found that whenever I meet someone from someplace else, whether it be another country or another state, I always try to start out with music. Music can be an amazing bridge when it comes to forming a relationship. I know this only from experience and time and time again, it seems to prove true.

My mother was blown away and taken aback when I played Yes one day. She couldn’t believe that I even knew who they were. That was the band that she went to first. The very first concert she ever went to. That helped me bridge a generational gap and it has helped me bridge many gaps with many different people. Music has a quality to it that everyone can enjoy. Whether it be if you are deaf and you feel the vibrations, or if you can hear all the tones and pitches. Music can be extremely sad, happy, contemplative, inquisitive- it can take on many ideas and thoughts. Yet, it remains a very powerful influence in a lot of people’s lives.

When it comes to bridging the connection between man and dog, one precious German Shepherd is working hard to make his voice heard right alongside dad’s.

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