Adorable Hummingbird Sleeps While Hanging Upside Down

Hummingbirds are incredible creatures that are known for their fast flight. Their wings beat an average of 10 to 15 times per second. There’s even a record of the quickest hummingbird flapping its wings 80 times in one second.

All of this effort can make these adorable birds exhausted. When they’re sleeping, hummingbirds go into a deep sleep called “Torpor.” Their metabolism and heart rate drop a dramatic amount when they’re in dreamland.

Someone with a birdfeeder caught unbelievably clear footage of one of these tired birdies taking a snooze upside down. You can see his little puffed chest as he gets some much-needed rest. While it’s somewhat normal for them to sleep upside down, it’s rare to see it happen.

When the adorable bird is well-rested, he wakes up and flips his tiny body over and instantly begins drinking out of the bird feeder. In just seconds, another hummingbird joins him for breakfast, and the two fly off to enjoy the rest of their day.