Adorable Pit Bull Is Rehearsing A Dance With Her Human Friend, And It’s Priceless!

There’s no denying that dogs are some of the most amazing creatures in this world. In the video we’ll show you just below, you will meet a pit bull who exemplifies perfectly just how much love and loyalty our four legged friends have to offer us, and it’s simply too touching for words. The cute dog is seen dancing along with her human friend, and they seem to be rehearsing a special routine that they will perform together, and just from this video you can see the deep bond that the human and the dog share.

The woman in the clip is named Olga Dudareva, and she made a choreography to dance along to the popular Indian song, “Ringa Ringa”, by A.R. Rahman. Through her talent and her amazing animal love that she has, she was able to teach the dog how to pull off the moves in perfect sync with her, and it’s a total delight! I almost feel like that cute pit bull can dance much better than myself, and she actually has two left feet!

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