Adorable Puppies Discover Snow And Frigid Temperatures, Compilation Makes Winter Look Better!

Dogs are such adorable creatures and their enthusiastic response to so many things keeps us entertained. I don’t have a dog, but thank goodness for YouTube! This hilarious compilation of dogs discovering snow will keep a permanent smile on your face and it’s sure to make you see the bright side of the cold winter this year.

What with winter storms bashing our cities in, submerging roads and surfaces with piles of snow, this video came like a welcome break of happiness in a cold, bleak winter. There is always a ray of sunshine in every situation and if you are already despairing of the winter, this video should inspire you to put on your woollies and head out with your pets to play in some snow. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some adorable reactions from them to brighten up your day!

Watch how these dogs jump into the snow, are thrown in by the owners, dig their noses in and generally dance, prance and run about like excited little puppies. It almost makes me wish I were a kid again because I’m pretty sure I would look a little ridiculous cavorting in the snow. My neighbors would probably call emergency services. Lol!

So, did you guys watch the video? It was sooooo funny! Do you have pets that recently discovered snow? Did you record their reactions? What did you think of the video? Write in the comments section below and let us know your opinions, we really like hearing from you!

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