Adorable Puppy Joyfully Reunited With Loving Mother After Long Absence. Simply Astounding.

It can be hard to be separated from your mother. Whether it be by accident or on purpose. The resulting anxiety can leave you in tears and lead to depression. The mother is a position of amazing care and love that teaches you the importance of emotional intelligence. To be able to feel empathically is important. If you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel the things they do to some degree, then your ability to connect with people can be something quite profound. Not everyone can do this, I’ve found. Many refuse to put themselves in another person’s shoes or even attempt to understand where you are coming from. Even when it comes to the emotional importance that all of us aim to reach in another person’s life, the impact can sometimes fall rather flat. Yet, when you are finally reunited with the very person who carried you for so long in their belly, who did everything they could to protect you when you were vulnerable or weak, the resulting reunion can leave you in tears or overwhelmed with joy- sometimes even both.

When you see the reunion between one small puppy and his mother after they have been separated for a long time, I’m sure you’ll be crying just like I was. The emotional impact of being reunited after such a long period is really quite cathartic or purifying, leading to a spiritual renewal. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way when you see their joy.

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