Adorable reaction when horse sees herself in mirror

When a horse looks into a mirror, she sees something on the other side. Whatever it was spooked her enough that she ran out of the barn.

Do you remember those cartoons where a character did the doubletake? Seeing the same thing in real life carries the same type of hilarity. Georgia experienced something new and her owner can’t get over the reaction.

Repetition often sets in during barn life for a horse. They find new and interesting ways to entertain, or in this case, frighten themselves.

When Georgia looks into the mirror, she seems a bit disturbed. As if expecting something different, she looks away and then goes back to the mirror. This time though, she gets real close to the reflection.

The more she checks herself out, the antsier she gets. Georgia eventually took off out of the barn and never looked back.

In the end, it could have been a bad hair day for Georgia. But it’s more likely that she wanted to meet the horse on the other side of the mirror. A reflection is a future friend in the eyes of Georgia the horse.

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Adorable reaction when horse sees herself in mirror