Adorably Persistent Seal Hitches Ride On Kayak Despite Sweet Man Saying No

Majestic animals can get tired sometimes, too. When kayaker Alistair Forrest set out on an adventure, he never thought he’d be making a new friend with a sea creature.

As Alistair rowed, he turned back and realized a young and friendly gray seal was tailing him. He must’ve been tired of following Alistair for a couple of miles, because what he did next was priceless.

Despite Alistair gently requesting the seal stay off his kayak, the seal hopped on anyways. You can see this sweetheart wiggle up onto the front of Alistair’s companion’s boat and say hi to the two of them. Then, after he got his rest in, the seal jumped off and went on its merry way.

This was quite an interesting sight to experience, especially during a routine kayaking outing. Always expect the unexpected and be ready to make a new friend.