This Adoring Owner Bakes A Cake For Her Horse! You Won’t Believe His Hilarious Reaction!

There are many pets that enjoy their humans spoiling them. Usually dogs and cats are the ones that enjoy the high-life thanks to their amazing chemistry with us humans. It probably comes as no surprise that those that own horses are extremely devoted to their hooved friends. Horses are magnificent and noble; they also have centuries’ old symbiotic relationship with humans.  The following adorable clip features a horse being happily celebrated by its owner.

Meet JD the horse, it’s his birthday and obviously his loving mom decided to prepare an amazing bash for him. She baked a scrumptious cake and gathered her friends to celebrate. After lighting the candles on the cake, they all started to sing “Happy Birthday” to JD who sees like he’s just standing there confused. No one could have predicted what happened next. JD blew out the candles the moment the song ended, leaving smiles on all the ladies’ faces. They burst out laughing at the very unexpected event.

Check out this endearing video it is sure to make you want to go hug your own pets and, who knows, maybe plan an amazing bash for your furry or hooved companions!

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