After 12 Years Apart, Watch These Gorillas’ Reactions When They Reunite With The Man That Raised Them!

The Aspinall foundation has, for 15 years now, zoo bred Lowland gorillas and released them into the wild. This conservation program has reintroduced gorillas into Gabon, Africa. This video shows one of their routine checkups with the gorillas in the wild.

David has seen these gorillas several times since they were released into the wild. But Tansy, his daughter, is making the trip for the first time. For Tansy she hasn’t seen these gorillas since she was a little girl, they have been apart for 12 years.

You can see that Damien is initially concerned how the gorillas were react. In the end, all of his fears are unfounded. These two gorillas, named Djalta and Bimms, both remember Tansy and wanted to embrace her. It is amazing to see how gentle these gorillas are with both Damien and Tansy.

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