14-year-old singer belts out 1966 hit, then breaks down in tears after Simon’s reaction

Courtney was terrific with this performance. She rocked the entire Dolby Theater. She was literally on fire. She is not your average cookie cutter singer…

“River Deep – Mountain High” was originally performed by Tina Turner in 1966 and it has since become one of her signature songs and Courtney delivers a powerful, moving rendition of this classic rock hit.

What makes Courtney so unique is that she exuberates originality. She takes a song and recreates it, making it hers. That kind of star quality is innate and God-given, not learned. Few stars have shone as brightly this season an America’s Got Talent.  Good job, Courtney. Stay true to YOU. My vote is cast.

Her fans are stark raving mad for her. One exclaimed, “Come on people, she already won! Without any doubt, she will get signed with Sony Music. So I don’t care about winning or not. It just depends on her to have a career or not. Just loved that performance, in which I will certainly watch 100 times over again!”

Now watch this shy teen explode on stage as she delivers an astounding rendition of “River Deep – Mountain High” and watch give the judges give their surprising reactions at the end of her performance:

Another excited fan made a very poignant comment that even critics can agree with: “While watching her perform, I forget I am watching a talent contest, not an actual Rock & Roll. No cursing or dancers to cover for lack of real talent. Not everyone enjoys real rock-n-roll, but I’ll tell ya: She’s the real deal and as authentic as can be.

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That guy took the words right out of our mouths. When you watch Courtney perform, you will be stunned. Whether you come away as a fan or not after watching, you have to agree: This girl’s definitely “got talent.” She’s not afraid to take risks and come out of her comfort zone. Being herself is already a winner.

She rocks the stage all by herself. Howie & Simon are correct. She is a trend-setting superstar. PS: In my humble opinion this was her best vocal performance, a wide range of vocal abilities displayed in one song.

Watch her audition performance below. See Courtney’s first performance that nobody saw coming: You won’t believe the performance from this eccentric teenager. Courtney earns Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer sending her straight to the live shows:

She’s got some pipes! Nobody saw that coming from a shy British school girl. She’s obviously the apple of her father’s eye. Everybody was in tears at the end.

Then for Courtney’s second much-anticipated performance, she shocked America’s Got Talent again with another rousing rock classic. Watch Courtney’s take on a James Brown classic for her second AGT performance:


Still with me? Out of breath yet?  Stick around and watch the 14-year-old stunned the audience with “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf for her semi-finals act on America’s Got Talent:


This girl is definitely going places. If you are as impressed as we are by a 14-year-old who can sing classic rock-n-roll in this day-and-age, then add your comments below and share this with your friends on Facebook. Give the gal a tweet, too, if you liked her performance. She’s been known to tweet back!

14-year-old singer belts out 1966 hit, then breaks down in tears after Simon\'s reaction