AGT Magic & Dog Tricks That’ll Grip & Entertain You, Now That’s A Combo

Jennifer and Daiquiri took to the AGT stage, eager to impress, and no one was ready for the incredible show that was about to unfold.

There has seldom ever been seen a dog act anywhere near as electrifying as Jennifer and her dogs auditioning here for America’s Got Talent season fifteen. Jennifer Fraser and Daiquiri are a pair of entertainers from Saskatoon and Regina with a magical routine that’ll have you on edge.

The spellbinding tricks that this pooch pulls off are some of the most amazing ever seen, but it’s the relationship shared with Jennifer that’s truly special. Now that’s how you put on a show.

At least one judge was confused, as Simon Cowell clearly thought there was only one dog at first. These two are definitely destined for great things, and we can’t wait to see what magical act they’ve got planned next.

AGT Magic & Dog Tricks That\'ll Grip & Entertain You, Now That\'s A Combo