AGT singing faery proves we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Freckled Zelda

America’s Got Talent usually had the most surprising acts. You wouldn’t know what to expect from the first introduction from the contestants.

Freckled Zelda

In this episode, a singer hits the stage dressed in a fantasy costume with fairy ears. Judge Howie Mandel asks the contestant’s name. Her handle is Freckled Zelda.

She identifies her character as a music fairy. Simon responds, ‘Really?’ ‘Indeed I am, Simon,’ responds Zelda. The audience laughs.

Howie asks where she’s from. She says she’s from the freckled forest. ‘Okay,’ says Simon.

Zelda then points out the ocarina on her outfit. The ocarina is an instrument notable used in the Legend of Zelda video games. Of course, Simon doesn’t know this as he says he’s never heard of it.

Freckled Zelda

‘Well, you’re interesting,’ says Simon, ‘Good luck.’ Zelda thanks Simon for his half-hearted encouragement and proceeds to sing.

Zelda gets close to a microphone and starts fingering her ocarina. She plays a few notes on the ocarina before proceeding to sing.

As the background music kicks in, she starts singing. Her beautiful voice immediately stuns the audience and the judges. Zelda sings with passion and heart, even using her hands.

The song she is singing is ‘Colors of the Wind’ from Disney’s Pocahontas. Zelda’s voice makes the Disney song extra powerful. The audience erupts into cheers.

Zelda then starts playing a few notes of the song on her ocarina. Her eyes are closed as her body moves along to the music. The audience applauds further.

As she hits a long note, Zelda gets a standing ovation. Terry Crews, just off stage, is clapping and tells the camera that it was beautiful.

Freckled Zelda

Simon admits he initially thought Zelda was going to be terrible. He then says she has a fantastic voice. Zelda’s eyes are closed as she tears up from hearing such approval and thanks her.

Simon doesn’t think the ocarina is interesting. He does admit, however, that she can keep the costume. With a voice like that, she can dress however she wants.

Another judge asks if this is the persona she wants. Zelda, with confidence, admits this is who she’ll always be. The audience cheers.

Heidi and Howie both admit they loved her performance. All four judges gift her a yes. Zelda is stunned as the audience cheers for her. She exits the stage, hopefully towards a fruitful career in music with her remarkable voice.

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AGT singing faery proves we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover