AGT’s Golden Buzzer Wild Child Rocks 1964 Classic and Everyone Loses Their Minds

Teenage singer Courtney Hadwin is the celebration of America’s Got Talent after her spectacular appearance on the show. Courtney’s Golden Buzzer moment means she gets to go straight to the LIVE shows of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and she has a chance to win a $1 million prize plus the chance to headline a show in Vegas.

The 13-year-old from County Durham – who previously reached the final of The Voice Kids in 2017 – is now performing across the USA after her ‘Hard To Handle’ act that had all the judges at the AGT auditions on their feet. This girl is in demand everywhere now!

America’s Got Talent isn’t the only home she’s had the chance to show off those marvelous gifts of hers. Courtney’s quite active on social media and YouTube where we were able to locate this little gem of a video.

Listen to Courtney Hadwin sing “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown. As you probably know, Brown wrote this song himself. It was originally recorded and released as a single in 1964 and it became his highest charting song, arguably his most popular recording.

“I Got You (I Feel Good)” is a twelve-bar blues with a brass-heavy instrumental composition similar to Brown’s previous hit, “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”. It also highlights the same accent “on the one” (i.e. the first beat of the measure) that characterizes Brown’s unique style. The lyrics have Brown exclaiming how good he feels (“nice, like sugar and spice”) now that he is with his true love. James Brown would indeed love of Courtney’s performance.

AGT\'s Golden Buzzer Wild Child Rocks 1964 Classic and Everyone Loses Their Minds