All dogs at the shelter were allowed to choose a toy as a Christmas present

Recently, dogs at a rescue shelter left people in happy tears after one of the staff members captured a heartwarming video. It was about the excited dogs reacting to a room filled with new toys for Christmas.

Dog Trust Ireland is one of the leading dog welfare charities in Ireland. They are involved in rescuing, rehabilitating, and even rehoming dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds to their new loving homes.

The shelter workers dedicate their lives to ensuring the dogs are happy and free and get a forever home. During Christmas every year, they pause the adoptions for a few days because of their festive activity known as “Santa Paws Day.”

The staff members would gather new toys they receive from the kind members of the society during the holiday season. Later, they would lay the toys on the floor in the middle of the training room at the shelter.

One by one, all the excited dogs would run into the training room to pick up their Christmas toys and bring them back to the kennel. But, of course, every dog approaches the toys differently. Some of the dogs dive in while others carefully pick their favorites.

One of the shelter dogs, Flounder, darts around the room to find his favorite toy and settles for a knotted ball. Gizmo loves a squeaky chicken or a rubber cow. Chase picks the cuddly Elf while Janice falls for the squeaky Christmas pudding. Milo went for the donut but changed his mind later.

Buster roams around the whole training room with his pink ring showing it off to everyone. Bran can’t let go of the blue octopus. Sasha picked a ball fit for a queen. Missy goes for the Christmas cap. These adorable pooches picking up their favorite toys have melted millions of hearts during the holiday season.

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All dogs at the shelter were allowed to choose a toy as a Christmas present