‘Idol’ Stars Laine Hardy & Laci Kaye Booth Team Up For ‘Johnny & June’ Hit

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“Part of the road to becoming crowned “American Idol” involves singing duets with other contestants. While they ultimately are competing with one another, American Idol contestants must learn how to collaborate with other artists. These duet rounds have produced some amazing performances over the years.

During the Top 8 round, two of the season’s hottest country singers, Laine Hardy and Laci Kaye Booth, were paired up to sing one of country music’s classic hits – “Jackson.” These two had their work cut out for them if they wanted to do this well-known song justice.

Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sang this iconic hit back in 1967. While other artists have performed this song, it was their version that won a Grammy award. Their real-life love story is one of the most well-known love stories in country music. The two were married for thirty-five years before June passed away in 2003.

For this song, Laine and Laci Kaye channeled their best Johnny and June. In order for this song to be successful, the two had to have a connection. Thankfully, Laine and Laci Kaye had sang together in group rounds during Hollywood Week, so working on a connection wasn’t too hard.

Like Johnny and June did, the two contestants stood on stage facing each other, guitars in hand. Their performance was so fun and full of life that the crowd and judges couldn’t help but clap along. While they stuck close to the original version, Laci Kaye and Laine also threw in a few variations to give a fresh take to the song. Among those changes were several impressive key changes.

Judge Lionel Richie was thoroughly impressed, especially with Laci Kaye. He told her, “You got sassy… [It was the] perfect song, perfect look, perfect attitude.”

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Leave it to judge Katy Perry to tease the two contestants about the great connection they had on stage. “I would say you guys were connected. I’ve never seen you smile that large, Lane…I felt it.”

Luke Bryan echoed the praise that his fellow judges gave. He added, “What I love about this part of the show now is the talent is here, and we’re up here just comfortable enjoying the show…I’m enjoying watching you guys grow and become stars.”

This rendition of “Jackson” just reminds you why they were put through to the Top 6 afterwards. Both Laci Kaye and Laine are extremely versatile, fun artists, and fans all over the world are connecting with them.”


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‘Idol’ Stars Laine Hardy & Laci Kaye Booth Team Up For \'Johnny & June\' Hit