Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande Perform a Duet That is Bringing Everyone to Tears

Celion has been quoted saying, “If God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli.” She was absolutely right.

When you hear this duet, you might recognize it from a movie you’ve seen. This haunting melody is from the “Once Upon a Time in America” and Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande perform this moving musical duet which makes it all the better. “The More I Think of You” (or in the original Italian “E più ti penso”) will stir the depths of your soul as you listen.

This superb music video brings the pair of voices together to truly sound like angels in heaven! Andrea Bocelli provides the musical foundation with his Italian pop ballad voice, while Ariana Grande adds her sparkle. The duo really bring this song to life.

They both sound like beautiful instruments. Andrea Bocelli is like a cello. Ariana is like a violin. This was beautiful. This gives me a Disney vibe. She sounds like a Disney princess. 😍

Bocelli had the ability to collaborate with anyone regardless of style and both voices sound amazing God bless you, Andrea and Ariana.

Every note of this song resonates with passion. The trail of Ariana’s voice at the end may have you tear up a little.
Click the video below and watch Ariana and Andrea deliver a duet, made in heaven.

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