Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire perform Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Christmas’

Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire

Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire sang an unforgettable version of ‘Blue Christmas’ by Elvis Presley. The stage was covered with lights, and there was a giant Christmas tree on the side.


Behind Andrea, there was a full orchestra and a projection of a crackling fireplace, and above it was a large Christmas wreath. He was dressed in a completely white outfit.

Before they began the performance, Andrea talked about how he was always jealous of Elvis Presley. All of his girlfriends loved Elvis more than him when he was younger.

Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire

They introduced Reba McEntire, who walked onto the stage wearing a stunning black dress that sparkled beautifully. The orchestra began to play, and Andrea sang with his magnificent voice.

While Andrea sang, McEntire watched him with a massive smile on her face. Then she sang and took everyone’s breath away with her phenomenal vocals. They were two legends on stage performing together.

Andrea Bocelli and Reba McEntire

When they finally sang simultaneously, their voices blended to make such a unique and pleasing sound. Meanwhile, the orchestra played wonderfully without even breaking a sweat.

Everyone is in awe at the sheer talent presented on stage. The song ends with the sound of the piano, and Andrea and Reba share a hug. The crowd applauds, and Andrea claps for Reba as well.

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