Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman Deliver Goosebumps With ‘Time To Say Goodbye’

Bocelli DuetSarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli amaze and delight the audience with their rendition of ‘Time To Say Goodbye’.

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman - Time To Say GoodbyeThe two singers are magic individually, but the charm and stage presence they exude together is multiplied.

Andrea Bocelli has a magical voice. His live performances are full of his charisma and charm. There is always a great demand to see this consummate professional perform live. His voice has a soothing effect that is just great after a long, hard day. There is no wonder why he is so very popular.

His popularity when he sings alone makes it even more fantastic when he sings a duet with another music industry professional. It takes a pretty incredible voice to match up to his in a duet, but now we know, it can be done.

The special guest singer in this video competes with the all time favorite duet “The Prayer” that Bocelli sang with Celine Dion. Sarah Brightman brings her classical crossover soprano voice to the stage to make for an impressive duet of “Time To Say Goodbye.”

Check out the video below to watch and listen to this amazing duet for yourself.

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