Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Amazing Grace’ duet is the music event of the decade

Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss

Andrea Bocelli and Alison Krauss come together to perform ‘Amazing Grace’ on Good Morning America. Andrea sits by a massive piano while Alison stands in an empty music studio.

Behind Andrea, three colorful curtains hang from the ceiling. They provide a great contrast to the sleek black piano. Alison is surrounded by music equipment and the blue walls of the studio.

The piano is so clean and pristine it shows a perfect reflection of Andrea as he begins to play on it. With his light touch, the song comes to life with every key he presses.

Andrea Bocelli

Then Andrea begins to sing with his voice known throughout the entire world. There is no one else who can match his phenomenal vocals. He sings effortlessly as he plays the piano.

Alison Krauss then gets her turn to sing with her fantastic voice. She looks magnificent as she performs. Both of them are full of passion and emotion.

Their voices then come together in the chorus. They do an excellent job of harmonizing and creating a unified sound. Alison smiles as she sings with Andrea.

As the performance comes to a close, Andrea Bocelli’s voice echoes in the air as he belts out the final notes without breaking a sweat. He then puts his hands down from the piano and reveals a satisfied smile.

Also watch Andrea Bocelli’s Amazing Grace music video:

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